Saturday, December 23, 2017

My First Christmas Cookies Ever

I decided that I wanted to try to make Christmas cookies this year. That was not my best idea, y' Bless their heart, they are not the prettiest cookies. They taste good though. I had a couple without icing because I don't like it.

His face about sums it So sad.

 I did not make them from scratch.

 I thought it would work better if I put the flour on Saran wrap. This was a very bad idea.

 I also forgot to put flour on the rolling pin.

 Finally put it directly on the counter and rolled it out.
 I didn't cut all the way through the dough and had to redo them all.
 They didn't want to come off the counter. I had to take the whole thing up and do it again.
 Second try I left it thicker and made sure to cut all the way through.
 Redid the left over dough. Thicker even. These were the best

 I got flour everywhere!

 Poor misshapen cookies.
 Plumping up a bit too much.

 All done.
 These did not survive unscathed. This pan doesn't work well.

 First try at decorating was not a

Tada! There you have it. My sad little Christmas cookies. At least I tried. They are cute in their own way.


  1. I did the same recipe today. It's not you, it's the recipe. You are better off starting from scratch where you chill the dough first. Can't help with decorating cause mine are never pretty either. 😊

    1. Thanks. Some of it is me I am not the best baker.

  2. Mine are never pretty either but they taste good.

    1. These taste good too. They are just quirky.

  3. making from scratch makes gives a less sticky dough. You want to chill the dough a bit, and wait to cool to do the icing. Royal icing decorations work great because it sets up hard.

    1. I will have to remember all this if I try some next year.