Friday, August 4, 2017

Wooden Arrow Banner

My niece saw an arrow banner at Hobby Lobby that she liked. I told her I thought we could make something similar ourselves. Ours didn't turn out exactly like theirs but it is really cute. I was glad she liked it when I showed her the photo.

 I was trying to figure out how to get everything Thankfully, Roy saved me.

Got the cuts laid out.

 Cutting the arrows out with a jigsaw.

 First one done.

 Using it as a template for the others.

 All of the arrows cut out. I love the light, medium and dark wood colors.

Drilling the holes for the string.

 I helped do some sanding.

 Putting the Danish oil on.

 All oiled.

Putting them together with the sting.

 All lined up.

 Knots to hang it by.

Finished product. Isn't it cute?

A better shot of it.