Monday, April 3, 2017

Cat and Panda Bear Pillows

With some help from my mom and brother, I made my sister a pillow with some cool cat fabric recently. They also helped me make a couple pillows from some pajama fabric. All of them turned out pretty cute.

 I still have to get better at stuffing, but the fabric is so cute.
 The saying is cute.
 I think he's had too much nip already.

 The upcycle pajama project.
 These turned out pretty well.
Close up of the Pandas. This material is so soft and cozy.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Chest of Drawers for Our Son

My husband made a chest of drawers for our son for Christmas. I have been meaning to do a blog post about it but kept forgetting. I finally remembered to do it tonight. I love how the chest of drawers turned out. The hubby did a great job.

 Putting together the structure pieces.
 The basic structure. Made out of oak plywood and oak solid pieces.
 Making the drawer boxes.
 Our son helping. The project was too big to hide.
 Drawers done.
 Making sure spacing is correct.
 Coming along.
 He did a lot of sanding.
 Figuring out where to put the drawers.
 The top was put together and clamped.
 That's a lot of clamps!
Ta da! I think it is beautiful. Roy did a great job and Ian loves it.