Friday, September 23, 2016

Dog Platform for our Truck

Roy came up with an idea for a platform to go in the back seating area of our Nissan Frontier to make it easier for our dog, Riley, to ride back there. Before, the tool storage areas made it hard from him to stand and move around. The platform works great. Riley loves it!

It wasn't too hard to put together. We used 1/2 inch plywood for the platform and legs.

 The platform. We measured the floor and cut it to fit. We were dry fitting it here.

 Roy was making the legs. He just cut small pieces and glued and nailed them together, then attached them to the platform with Kreg screws.
 We bought some indoor/outdoor carpet from Lowe's in a color to match the interior of the Nissan Frontier. We just stretched it around the edges and stapled it in place.
 See the legs?
 Stapled in place. Not the prettiest cause we aren't upholsterers, but it works.
 Checking the fit. It worked fine.
The other door shuts just fine as well. The whole project didn't cost us much cause we had the plywood left over from another project, already had the staples and screws. We only had to buy the carpet, which was a little less than $14.

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