Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Owl Key/Towel Hangers and Wall Art

These little owls were my weekend project. Well, technically, I finished them up today, but most of it was done this past weekend. I wanted each owl to be a little different. I love how they turned out.

I created this template on Photoshop Elements to use to cut the owls out. PS doesn't have an owl already so I had to piece some things together to make one. I think it turned out pretty cute. I didn't make the body dark enough so drew a crude outline of it in pencil after printing.

Once I cut the owls out on the scrollsaw, and sanded them, I had to mark for the eyes. I took my little tool and poked a dot into the wood from the template. Not sure how well you can see the dots in the photo.

Then I did the eyes on the drill press. As you can see, I have a couple more owls still to play with.

The pink one is just a wall art piece. It is made out of oak. It doesn't have a hook to hang a towel or keys on, but I really love it! I think it looks so happy and cheerful and would work great in a kids room. I painted this one with chalk paint. I decoupaged scrapbook paper onto a piece of oak for the backboard. I also put some glitter on the bottom of the owl just to make it sparkle, and glued some fake gemstones on the eyes.

This one is oak that I stained in ebony. I really like how it turned out. Even though it is dark, it's still cute. I think the grey hook goes well with it.

This next one is made of ash. I stained it in golden pecan. I love the orange hook with the stain color.

This one is made of oak and stained with honey oak stain. I like the mint green hook with the flower eyes.

Here is a photo of the three stained owls together, just so y'all can see the differences.

I plan to try and sell the little owls sometime soon. I think they turned out well enough that people will like them. What do y'all think?