Friday, August 4, 2017

Wooden Arrow Banner

My niece saw an arrow banner at Hobby Lobby that she liked. I told her I thought we could make something similar ourselves. Ours didn't turn out exactly like theirs but it is really cute. I was glad she liked it when I showed her the photo.

 I was trying to figure out how to get everything Thankfully, Roy saved me.

Got the cuts laid out.

 Cutting the arrows out with a jigsaw.

 First one done.

 Using it as a template for the others.

 All of the arrows cut out. I love the light, medium and dark wood colors.

Drilling the holes for the string.

 I helped do some sanding.

 Putting the Danish oil on.

 All oiled.

Putting them together with the sting.

 All lined up.

 Knots to hang it by.

Finished product. Isn't it cute?

A better shot of it.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Super Easy Yoda Project

Hey, y'all, long time no see. Our building got destroyed in a storm back in March and we've been working on getting a new one and getting the roof of the house and our carport rebuilt. Still have our kitchen ceiling to finish and the carport, but we have made some progress. Hasn't been much crafting or anything going on because my craft room was full of stuff from the building. This project, I did here in the livingroom because it is so easy. I think it looks cute though.

I saw this Yoda shopping bag at the Dollar General and had to have it. He looks so cute and it was only $1.00 so how could I pass it up.

 By the time we got to the truck I'd already decided I wanted to cut one side out and frame it. Not sure what I'm gonna do with the other side.

Easy as pie. I think it looks pretty cool in the green frame with the orange matte. I wonder if Roy will let me hang him in the kitchen? That is where I planned to hang something in that green This would be a good upcycle project for any old shopping bags you have laying around that are pretty or cool.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Cat and Panda Bear Pillows

With some help from my mom and brother, I made my sister a pillow with some cool cat fabric recently. They also helped me make a couple pillows from some pajama fabric. All of them turned out pretty cute.

 I still have to get better at stuffing, but the fabric is so cute.
 The saying is cute.
 I think he's had too much nip already.

 The upcycle pajama project.
 These turned out pretty well.
Close up of the Pandas. This material is so soft and cozy.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Chest of Drawers for Our Son

My husband made a chest of drawers for our son for Christmas. I have been meaning to do a blog post about it but kept forgetting. I finally remembered to do it tonight. I love how the chest of drawers turned out. The hubby did a great job.

 Putting together the structure pieces.
 The basic structure. Made out of oak plywood and oak solid pieces.
 Making the drawer boxes.
 Our son helping. The project was too big to hide.
 Drawers done.
 Making sure spacing is correct.
 Coming along.
 He did a lot of sanding.
 Figuring out where to put the drawers.
 The top was put together and clamped.
 That's a lot of clamps!
Ta da! I think it is beautiful. Roy did a great job and Ian loves it.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Towel Hanger

We made a towel hanger for our bathroom not too long ago. It is a really simple craft project. I think it turned out cute. I stole a piece of scrap wood from one of Roy's bigger projects. It was mahogany. It was already the prefect size. Roy beveled the edges with the router and then I sanded and finished it. I bought the hanger on sale for 80% off at Hobby Lobby last year. It was only $2.40. Not bad at all. Roy screwed it onto the board. He then used the router to make a slot to hang it from on the back. That's it.

 I think it looks nice for something so simple to make. I love mahogany and it really pops against the white door. What do y'all think?

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Christmas Tree Ornament: Lola

A friend asked me to make a Christmas ornament for her dog, Lola. She bought ornaments for her family and other dogs last year but didn't have one for the new pup. It had been a while since I used the scrollsaw. It took me a little to get back in the swing of it, but I think the ornament turned out well. I hope she likes it.

The hardest part of any of the ornaments is the top where it will hang from the tree. Doing circles isn't easy with my scrollsaw because it won't use spiral blades. Cutting with the straight ones in a circle is not easy. That's why none of my tops are exactly round. Still, the ornaments hang on the tree just fine. At least you can tell it says Lola. :)

I used Yucatan Rosewood for this ornament. I love the grain pattern. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Dog Platform for our Truck

Roy came up with an idea for a platform to go in the back seating area of our Nissan Frontier to make it easier for our dog, Riley, to ride back there. Before, the tool storage areas made it hard from him to stand and move around. The platform works great. Riley loves it!

It wasn't too hard to put together. We used 1/2 inch plywood for the platform and legs.

 The platform. We measured the floor and cut it to fit. We were dry fitting it here.

 Roy was making the legs. He just cut small pieces and glued and nailed them together, then attached them to the platform with Kreg screws.
 We bought some indoor/outdoor carpet from Lowe's in a color to match the interior of the Nissan Frontier. We just stretched it around the edges and stapled it in place.
 See the legs?
 Stapled in place. Not the prettiest cause we aren't upholsterers, but it works.
 Checking the fit. It worked fine.
The other door shuts just fine as well. The whole project didn't cost us much cause we had the plywood left over from another project, already had the staples and screws. We only had to buy the carpet, which was a little less than $14.